Saturday, May 3, 2008


Its when you look at me, when you open your eyes that I realize how much I love you.

I have pulled you up from the couch where we fell asleep folded into each other. I hold your hand and guide you to the bedroom, to your our bed. Your eyes are closed mostly. I am quickly changing from my dress and go looking for one of your undershirts to sleep in.

"Wow," I hear from the bed. I look up. You are staring at me. Your eyes run down my body, across my red lacy bra. A bra you have already removed when we had sex in the living room before we went to dinner.

"You look amazing."

I am surprised. I don't expect this now. I thought you were asleep. You have already seen me like this.

I run to the bed to get as close to you as I can. I click off the light then remember what I forgot to do and click it back on.

I jump out of bed and pop out the pill from its packaging that will relax you and ease your anxiety and ensure peaceful sleep. I reach for your lips and you open your mouth. I can't help but think of the many times I couldn't even get you to take advil when you had a headache.

You sip water and swallow. Your lips form a kiss in the air, looking for mine. Your hand reaches in the air but then falls. You are already asleep.

You wake twice during the night. Both times you kiss me and wrap yourself closer around me.

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