Sunday, August 15, 2010

Too much. A love letter for T.

I have "100 Ways" by Porno for Pyros in my head. I thought about you and me a hundred ways. I am so glad for your brief flight into my life. I want you to know that I will always recall you fondly, that you will always be dear to my heart. I'm so grateful to know you and your uneven head, your velvet hair, your crooked smile, your caring touch, your joyful laugh, the guttural giggle you can elicit from deep inside me. The way you look at me when you read my mind. Oh that knowing stare! The gratitude in your eyes when I can read your mind.

There are so many things I do adore about you. You came into my life at the exact perfect time. You inspire in me the desire to write short stories about lust and hope and deep, deep connections. And your beautiful heart-- oh your heart my dear! I hope you find the means to nurture it to let it grow vines and wings of its own. I will always hope for you. Know that you always have a cheerleader, a comrade, a groupie in me. Good night my darling, I hope you like receiving late night semi-drunken love letters.

Birds built their homes right above our bed...

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