Sunday, August 10, 2008

Once Upon a Time

Can ya ma can, fe kadeem ya zaman, there was a little girl who didn't believe in princes. She knew that princes were like the wind, blowing through her curls on a hot summer's day, feeling so joyous, so wonderful, but then they blew on to the next little girl. So she decided to be the wind instead and blew her light and love through the boys she passed.

But then one day she blew smack into a special boy. When she realized she was a prince without a homeland - one he could get to anyway - she married him quickly so he could stay. "It's just to help," she told herself.

As the years passed she grew to love the Homeless Prince and they shared so much. Great joy and great pain were theirs. There was always music and laughter in their kingdom, always delicious meals made with exotic spices.

But she felt a change in the air one day, felt the wind pick up and knew there was a storm coming. Though the Homeless Prince loved her deeply - now more than ever - his wanderlust became unbearable. She knew he would wander again soon.

So she prepared to say goodbye. She left him trinkets to remember her by and spells made of music. And then one day he flew with the wind away from their kingdom and she wished him happily ever afters.

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